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About Inforce Policy Management

Efficiently monitor, analyze, and manage life insurance policies with an automated and user-friendly dashboard. Gain a competitive edge and save time with Action Alerts, designed to give insights into what drives your business and unearth new leads.

Revolutionize your growth

Completely change the way you serve clients and grow sales and discover the gold mine within your book of business with Inforce Policy Management.

Unearth Leads & Grow Sales 

Data is expertly parsed and delivered in a clean, easy to understand format. Inforce Policy Management equips you to:

  • Quickly and easily identify new opportunities
  • Turn leads into sales
  • Serve more clients

Action Alerts 

Receive clear, actionable insight around your inforce block of business.

  • Policy deadlines that lead to new opportunities
  • Important changes in a policy
  • Administrative information

  Powerful Integrations 

Intensify the power of Inforce Policy Management when you use CORE - Techficient's agency and client relationship management platform. Your robust, unique data creates:

  • Ultra-customized business insights
  • A centralized service center